eXcelleRes stands for "eXcellent Results" and is an independent and result oriented consultancy firm, with the vision to contribute, in a positive way, to global economic development & growth.

The mission of eXcelleRes is to contribute to the development & growth of organizations and entrepreneurs.

To realize her vision & mission eXcelleRes offers her services to organizations and entrepreneurs to help and support them:

  • to launch, develop or grow a business
  • to establish strategic alliances, partnerships or a cooperation
  • to learn and exchange knowledge

eXcelleRes offers various services; therefore the organization consists out of the following divisions, with their own specializations:

  • Business
    organization consultancy division specialized in strategy-implementation, organization development and business development.
  • Academy
    educational consultancy division for personal development and organization development, specialized in education and training, training made on demand, organization consultancy and coaching.
  • Technology
    full-service consultancy division specialized in the implementation and application of strategic solutions in the field of innovative technology, e-Business, e-Commerce and e-Marketing.
  • Trade
    consultancy division specialized in international trade, import and export.

The head office of eXcelleRes is located in Amsterdam (Holland), the business port of Europe, and various local support offices are located in emerging markets like Brazil and China.